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Q Why is my guttering so important?

A   Guttering prevents rainwater running down exterior walls, Which can cause moss, mould and algae

to grow. A constant pooling of water on walls could also lead to penetrating dampness, which could lead to serious damage to the structure of your home. Dampness on exterior walls for extended periods of time can lead to interior dampness.

Guttering is one of the most important, yet frequently overlooked & neglected parts of the house.

This is an unfortunate oversight because the benefits of guttering supplied and installed correctly far

outweigh it's modest price.

Q What are the benefits of PVC fascia and soffits V's wooden fascia and soffits?

A   Firstly PVC plastics are waterproof and easy to maintain, there is no need for annual costly painting,

PVC doesn't peel, crack ,discolour or rot. Wood degenerates faster than PVC.

PVC is available in different colour finishes and designs to match window colours/styles.

PVC is much more cost effective than Wooden applications.

Q How do I know if my wooden fascia and soffits need replacing?  

A   Tired and ageing soffits, quite usually have a bowing appearance, this can in turn create

entry points into the roof void/loft space for all manner of wildlife and insects to set up home.

It generally looks in poor condition and if left can cause the roof rafters to become wet and rot to occur.

Q I have had a really bad job done and the company I used have capped over rotted fascia boards, What can I do?

A     Firstly were sorry to hear you have had an appalling experience. There are inexperienced fitters out there.

The only advice we can give to others is to see local work done by the company prior to booking work on your own property, ask them if you can see a few examples. If the company has a good reputation they will have no objections to you seeing the quality of workmanship that they offer. Why not ask the owner how satisfied they were.

Sadly there is not a lot that can be done with a property that has already had a poorly fitted fascia and soffit installation other than take it all down and start again, Removing damp and defective wood.

Using full replacement fascia and not cap over boards is the only remedy available.

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